Welcome to "Prox-2" Ltd.!

     In this website we will try to introduce "Prox-2" Ltd. to Your attention as not just a simple steel fabrication company, but a unique part of the Bulgarian and European machine building. "Prox-2" Ltd. is an approved supplier of more than 400 Bulgarian and European machine manufacturers in hydraulics, forklift, warehouse equipment, heavy construction equipment, chassis, welded constructions and many others.

     Steel fabrication services which we offer in "Prox-2" Ltd. include:

      - CNC flame cutting

      - CNC machining

      - Shot blasting

      - MIG/MAG welding

      - CNC bending

      - Services by subsuppliers

     "Prox-2" Ltd.  is Your trusted partner, because:

     "Prox-2" Ltd. is a company with traditions - we have been on the steel fabrication market for more than 15 years.

     "Prox-2" Ltd.  is a company of knowledge - it currently employs a team of more than 30 qualified personnel, most of whom hold university degrees.

     "Prox-2" Ltd. is a company with its own production facilities and great technological potential. Today "Prox-2" Ltd. has brand new premises, modern CNC equipment, own transport at Your disposal.

     "Prox-2" Ltd. is a company in line with cutting edge technologies. Today "Prox-2" Ltd. uses  CAD/CAM systems to offer You top technological solutions. "Prox-2" Ltd. is currently in the process of integrating a modern ERP system to guarantee the success and value of Your project. 

     "Prox-2" Ltd.  is a company where quality stands above all. "Prox-2" Ltd. has been EN ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2009 for its total quality management policies.

     "Prox-2" Ltd. has been granted the trust of EU by successfully taking part in OP Development of the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy to broaden its technological park.

     In "Prox-2" Ltd. we believe that constant improvement of our services and our focus on long-term partnerships today is our key to success tomorrow.

     In "Prox-2" Ltd. we shall  work to earn Your trust too!